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FormUp (initially set up as Joinery Workshop Jacek Misiak) was founded in 1985, before the Berlin Wall Fall and the end of communism in Poland. At the time, the art of design was not discussed. We needed the simplest joinery products for construction. The National Department Stores became our main client - those were the times...


The fast-changing market has allowed us to develop the production technology of useable items in a sublime and modern style. Thus, from the making of kitchen, office furniture, shop displays we have developed through to television, theatre and concert stage designs, fairs, non-standard forms in places of public use, as well as other unique items, requiring innovative technology.

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We offer bespoke technology solutions in any materials.


We provide solutions according to the designs of our clients. We map ideas and concepts in technical projects and visualizations. Once you have decided for your order to be made in our workshops, then technical designs and visualisations associated with it are prepared free of charge. We invite architects, designers, scenic designers and clients with ready-made project concepts to cooperate with us.


TV, theatre and concert scenic designs - any finishes, in any technology and materials. Marketing and occasional events - constructions for fairs, including advertising stands, commercial kiosks, tables, screens. The elements of commercial interiors - reception desks, bespoke constructions and advertising elements in office buildings, hotels, SPA, restaurants, bars, beauty salons, etc. Exclusive and modern furniture for home and office.


The pieces produced by our carpentry workshop are properly packed and prepared for transport. We never leave our customers until we make the final installation of the order. We always deliver on time, and after installation together with the client, we make sure that the quality of the furniture meets their expectations. If the client has his assembly team, then we prepare the installation instructions for them to follow. We make sure that every product is delivered in perfect condition


Main materials we use are: Polish and exotic wood, plywood, MDF chip wood, HDF, Plexiglas, HIPS, DIBOND, polycarbonate, AXPET and others that will match the demand for your projects. Except for classical design we also offer: upholstery, metal construction, coating, laminating, veneer, lacquering.

We are a real working team

and best specialists in our industry.

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